Consuelo Palma is a Visual artist. She was born in Santiago de Chile, and is based in Croatia, where she currently lives.

She is a Graphic Design graduate from the Universidad del Pacifico in Chile, worked for several years and also co-directed an independent graphic design firm.

Later, combining this career with the need to get closer to art, she opened a studio, together with two friends, producing utilitarian works of art. Meanwhile she studied Acquaforte technique with the artist Carlos Donaire at the TAV (Visual Arts Workshop).

Later, when she went to live in the United States with her young family, she took courses in terracotta sculpture at the Atlanta College of Art, Georgia. Later, back in Santiago, she studied Goldsmithing at the “De la Joya” studio under the direction of the artist José Barrenechea.

She has been living in Croatia for several years with her husband and three children. Once in Zagreb, she decides to reactivate art. This time studying ceramics with the artist Željka Kobar. After her children reached a suitable age, she began to give more time to art by forming her own workshop where she currently works with ceramics and painting. She continues sporadically doing small graphic design jobs.

Consuelo has an intrinsic need to express herself through art in various forms, she does not like to tie herself only to a technique since she feels that the fundamental basis of art is creative freedom. And this as a tool gives you space to travel in a world of dreams where the soul expresses itself through matter.