Cara en fuego (Face in fire) - 2018 mix media 100 x 80 cm


This series are portraits of experiences in which I relate the intimate experience of the expatriate. I seek to connect the inner world with the world that surrounds us, I evoke the experiences that mark the steps when making the way in borrowed lands, the meeting and misunderstanding of belonging and at the same time not being part of this new place in which you chose to live and welcomes you. Emotions unleashed between streets and corners, experiences that mark our history. The elements collected from these places become symbols of this stage of my life, generating dialogue by connecting these places with my personal world and sharing them through my work

Apacheta blanca I (White apacheta I) - 2019 White clay


With my sculptures I evoke the Apachetas, altars dedicated to the Pachamama. The Incas on their long journeys through the highlands, far from their home, built altars with stones from the road to pray to the Pachamama, in their prayers they begged for protection on their journey, they searched through this accumulation of stones, to connect with their supreme being. Through the use of ceramics as a medium, I make my sculptures seeking to create my own Apachetas as a symbol of protection. Just as I live as a foreigner in a country far from my homeland, and despite always feeling very well received and protected, my sculptures are stones and Apachetas created as companions, as symbols of protection for those who seek them.

Rocas humanoides Naked raku


Created in search of serenity. The rocks, in their various forms, were born out of the need for an element that represents inner calm, spirituality and serenity. Inspired by stones as elements of nature that have their own unique energy, life without movement expresses placidity, stillness and gives peace.

sun-mix-media-2019 100-80cm


There are always works born from the spontaneity of experiences, which tell stories of emotions or moments. This is the result of immersing yourself in freedom and realizing it without a plan. The speaking of the soul, the intuition and emotions from simple experiences.